Glass Reinforced Plastic, An Alternative to Steel

While the costs of steel especially for industrial used skyrockets, the advantages of the metal have been far outweighed by its drawbacks for a long time now. Glass reinforced plastic also known as fiberglass reinforced plastic or FRP has many advantages over steel when it comes to industrial uses like grating and flooring types of sheet piles.

GRP is light and super strong. Though weighing in at less than half of what typical steel components weigh, GRP grating and components made of the material have much better strength and can withstand impacts of a much greater force. Glass reinforced plastic has great resistance to corrosive chemicals and substances. Steel is susceptible to corrosion and damage from industrial chemicals, effluents and from plain corrosion from moisture that can only be countered with expensive treatments and coatings. GRP needs no anti-corrosion treatments.

Glass reinforced plastic is much safer than steel for workers. Steel gratings tend to get slippery and can result in industrial accidents that cause personal injury and loss of man hours and productivity. Glass reinforced plastic has much greater anti-skid and anti-slip properties. Also unlike steel, Glass reinforced plastic does not conduct electricity or heat thus reducing by a large amount another very real chance of industrial accidents through electrocution and burns caused by touching hot metal surfaces.

Steel needs constant attention and maintenance in the form of repeated application of anticorrosive coatings, scraping, sand blasting and painting. GRP grating requires no such maintenance; it is a fit and forget solution that has very little maintenance effort and cost associated with it. It is also radio transparent so if you are using wireless communication in a your factory or office for voice, internet or other application the Glass reinforced plastic causes no signal attenuation resulting in less investment in wireless infrastructure.

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